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    The Company's "Six-Three" Action Guideline in the Next Five Years

    Three Leading:

    • Political Leading, Strategic Leading and Cultural Leading

    Three Development:

    • Innovation-driven Development, Transformation Development and HSE Development

    Three Breakthroughs:

    • Breakthrough from Conventional Chemical Industry to Unconventional Industry

    • From Local Market to the Overseas Market

    • From Traditional Project Contracting Business Mode to Investment & Financing Business Mode)

    Three Principles:

    • strengthen management, Pay Attention to Management, Stress on Performance

    Three Business Segments:

    • Traditional, Unconventional and Foreign Market

    Three Goals:

    • Major Economic Goal Doubled

    • Social Satisfaction Improved Significantly

    • Employees’ Sense of Gain & Happiness

    Company Development Strategy:

    Adhere to the "three major development, the top three breakthrough" strategy, strengthen the different brand advantages and the cultivate professional construction ability, be professional and excellent in core business, enhance the company's sustainable development ability

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