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    ■        Mr. Liu Youkun   Party Secretary & President

    ■        Mr. Zhang Hongfeng   Deputy Party Secretary & General Manager

    ■        Mr. He Yibo   Deputy Party Secretary &Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection

    ■        Mr. Wang Songbai   Deputy General Manager

    ■        Mr. Zhou Liangxu   Deputy General Manager

    ■        Mr. Peng Yongqing   Deputy General Manager

    ■        Mr. Li Zuobin   Deputy General Manager

    ■        Mr. Hu Tao   Deputy General Manager

    ■        Mr. Li Peng   Chief Accountant

    ■        Mr. Wang Xuping   Labour Union Chairman & Chief Engineer

    ■        Mr. Wang Xuping   Chief Economist

    ■        Mr. Lu Qichao   Deputy Party Secretary & Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection

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