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    China National Chemical Engineering No. 16 Construction Co., Ltd. (CNCEC16 in abbreviation), a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. ( directly administrated by the The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China, SASAC ), is a central state-controlled enterprise engaged in large comprehensive construction and installation for petrochemical engineering project. CNCEC16 is headquartered in Yichang City Hubei Province. 

    CNCEC16 majors its core business in chemical industry, petrochemical construction andinstallation, industrial and civil construction & installation,anti-corrosion & painting and insulation, municipal and environmental protectionengineering works, earth and stone works,mechanical transportation, lifting, manufacturing of pressure vessel, etc.CNCEC16 possesses General Construction Contracting Qualification forpetrochemical engineering project, building engineering project, municipal utilityproject, mechanical and electrical engineering installation project and otherprojects; as well as Professional Construction ContractingQualification for environmental protection engineering works, waterproof, anti-corrosion& painting and insulation engineering works, steel structural engineeringworks, Building mechanical and electrical installation works and so on. CNCEC16also obtained Manufacture & Installation License of Special Equipments - PressureVessel and Spherical Tanks; Installation, Alteration, Repair & MaintenanceLicense of Special Equipments such as Pressure Piping, Pressure Vessel andSpherical Tanks, Boiler, and Hoisting machine; Installation ( Repair &Test) License of Electrical Power Facilities; CNCEC16 has the Foreign ProjectContracting Qualification Certificate, can undertake relevantoverseasprojects matching our capacity, scale and performance;exporting equipments and materials; dispatching personnel abroad related to theoverseas projects and other economic cooperation. CNCEC16 can undertake the businesses in real estate developmentprojects, physical and chemical test, materials and equipment transportationand other services, as well as providing technical consulting services, sellingoperations, immovable property leasing business.

    CNCEC16 has gained Q&OHSEMS (quality, occupational health andsafety, environmental management system) Certification Certificate issued byBeijing Zhong-Jian-Xie Certification Center Co. Ltd. of JCC(Joint Center forcertification). It has been recognized as the National High-tech Enterprise,the Key Hi-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan and Hubei ProvincialEnterprise Technology Center.

    Since the past fifty years, CNCEC16 has completed more than three thousand large and medium size chemical, petrochemical projects coal chemical projects and other key projects; among which, a large number of overseas projects  were undertaken in Indonesia, Germany, Syria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and other countries and regions. In recent years, CNCEC16 has accelerated the pace of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, CNCEC16’s marketing capabilities continues upgrading, and has undertaken many industrial and civil buildings, environmental protection project, long distance pipeline projects, underground pipe gallery and new materials and new energy projects. Facing the new development opportunity and new market situation,  CNCEC16 formulated the "three major development, three breakthroughs" strategy, CNCEC16 will adhere to the development strategy of innovation, transformation and HSE; and achieve the breakthroughs “from the traditional chemical industry to non-traditional industries, from local market to overseas market and from project contracting mode to investment and financing field” , so as to provide services with good quality and high efficiency for the society and to promote sustainable and healthy development of the company.

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